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Interview with Peter Barto

Superball? Flint Paper? Peepers? All voiced by the same guy – Peter Barto. He’s been working as a voice actor for 15 years and has lent his voice to both seasons of Sam & Max, along with other games (the PA announcer in NBA 2K, for example – a true anti-Peepers voice), toys and cartoons.

Peter was generous enough to answer my questions about himself and how he became involved in the games. Read on to find out how the recording process works, what he thinks makes the series click and how his family react to his voice for Peepers.

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Interview with Joey Camen

Those of you who watch the credits on Sam & Max episodes will be familiar with the name of Joey Camen. The talented voice actor can be recognised in the games as the voice of Bosco and the Two-Teeth family, and has lent his voice to many different mediums throughout the years.

To my great pleasure, Joey was kind enough to offer up his time to answer some questions in an exclusive interview for the site. Without further ado, read on to hear what Joey Camen has to say. Heads up: there’s no censoring of potty mouth.

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Vote Sam & Max for Mac

Telltale pulled a surprise announcement recently by revealing they are releasing most of their back catalogue of games on the Mac, a computer for people who despise spreadsheets and love polo necks. Tales of Monkey Island was the first series to be Mac-ed, and is available free to those who already purchased the PC version.

To decide which of their series they bring to the Apple platform next, Telltale are inviting you to vote over on their official page. The games up for voting are Sam & Max, Strong Bad and Wallace & Gromit, with the winner announced on February 21. As well as this, one lucky voter will get their name in the chosen Mac title credits.

So get out there and vote! Print some posters! Rally your friends!

Season 3 announced for 2010

news-s3“Sorry, Monkey what? Never heard of it. One moment, I’ve got someone else on the line. Oh, hey, Sam & Max! How’s it going with you? What’s that? You will be starring in a new series of games from Telltale that will be out in 2010? Thanks for letting me know.”

Too right! Forget the final episode of Tales of Monkey Island, we’ve got more important matters to attend to. That being the sneaky announcement of the third season of the Sam & Max series from Telltale Games, due to be released in 2010. The official site was linked at the end of the aforementioned fifth Tales episode, and the page features six pieces of content art and some odd audio voiceovers.

From what has been shown so far, I think we’re in for something a bit different this time round. One thing I am certain of though, is that English gentleman gentledog Sam is win. Feast your eyes and ears over the new content and hit back here with your comments.

Welcome to Sam &!

welcomeWelcome to Sam &, a brand new fansite for the lovable dog and rabbity-thing duo. We aim to bring you all the latest Sam & Max news, while also providing a wealth of great content that can be accessed from the menu up the top. Not only that, but we hope to bring you some great exclusive content — for now, check out our downloads page, or head on over to fan art to submit your stuff. We’ve got you covered, and much more.

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