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The City That Dares Not Sleep release and new merchandise

The final episode is upon us, ready for you to download and consume like a maniac. For those who have already purchased the season, head over to Your Games page and click that shiny download button. If you’ve not yet invested in The Devil’s Playhouse, run to the Telltale Store and pick it up now for the limited price of $19.95.

Telltale also announced that the free season DVD can be ordered right here. On top of that, a five set of poster prints each based around an episode are purchasable here, with the ‘Finale’ art forming the cover for the DVD and available separately signed by Steve Purcell. Also, for $24.95, you can get the long, long, loooooong awaited Symbiote figurines from Symbiote Studios. Merchandise heaven!

Max to appear in a new Telltale crossover game

GameTrailers have had the exclusive reveal of a new title from Telltale Games in the form of this teaser trailer (embedded below in the full post). In it we can see the silhouettes of Max, Strong Bad (Homestar Runner), Tycho (Penny Arcade) and the Heavy (Team Fortress 2), the latter two appearing to be holding some cards.

It could be assumed that this is a sequel to Telltale’s very first game Telltale Texas Hold’em. The end of the trailer says we’ll find out more come September 2.

The City That Dares Not Sleep screenshots

August 30, the release of The Devil’s Playhouse finale, is right around the corner and to whet your appetite Telltale have published five screenshots in what looks to be a conclusion high on the epic scale.

The pictures depict the mysterious Narrator peering over his newspaper, a rampant Max roaming through the streets, a flaming Max head floating around Sam and girl Stinky tapping away at some keys in the clone chamber. What could it all mean?

The City That Dares Not Sleep trailer, dated for August 30

You know the routine by now, so let’s keep things simple.

The City That Dares Not Sleep will be coming August 30th, then August 31st for the US PSN.

You can view a trailer for the game exclusively over at Gamespot, or embedded below.

A wallpaper of a newspaper detailing Max’s rampage is available here.

Go forth enlightened.

ESRB reveals some The City That Dares Not Sleep details

The ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) have published their rating information for the upcoming The City That Dares Not Sleep episode. In the past the ESRB, who give out ratings based on the type of content within a game, revealed that The Devil’s Playhouse would be coming to the PlayStation Network.

This time it appears that some plot details have been given away. Through dialogue examples that the ESRB have provided, it hints towards what characters we might be seeing in this episode. If you are not sensitive to spoilers and want to read the summary then click here.

We have yet to have any official details come from Telltale, but their recent blog post promises next week to be “be filled with lots of Freelance Police centric content”. Stay tuned.