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deviantART group host fan art contest

A group of artists from the Telltale fan page on deviantART (an online art community) have joined together to host a Sam & Max fan art contest. The aim is to submit a piece of work based around one of eight music tracks from the Sam & Max games.

There’s even the chance for you to win prizes! Aha, yes, now I have your interest. Placing on the podium could nab you the cartoon series on DVD or perhaps the Symbiotes figures. The full rules and details on how to enter come the start date of March 1 can be found on this blog entry.

Freelance Police opening titles storyboard

Steve Purcell has posted a storyboard of a possible Freelance Police opening title sequence on his blog. He says the plan was to have different villains moving around in the background on flats, with Sam & Max shooting (and fencing) them off.

We may later be treated to coloured concepts if Steve can hunt them down. Relax your senses and you can almost taste the game that went down due to marketplace realities.

Unofficial charity calendar hits the virtual shelf

An unofficial, community calendar featuring Sam & Max fan art is now up for sale for $20.95 at Zazzle. All the earnings made will go to the charity Child’s Play, which cheers up children’s hospitals by providing them with toys. A sure fire way to brighten your room and children’s lives.

You can also print the calendar yourself or download the wallpapers for free; but don’t let that stop you donating to charity, whether that be Child Play’s or one of your choosing.

Lost Sam & Max comic unearthed

If by ‘lost’ you mean in Steve Purcell’s drawer and if by ‘unearthed’ you mean removed from said position. Over on his blog Steve has posted a Sam & Max comic that he previously intended to use in an anthology, but he never got round to finishing it. Check it out here! The second to last panel is my favourite.

As a slight aside, I generally avoid reposting anything that Steve Purcell puts up on his Sam & Max blog as I figure that if you’re here then you’re also there, but this was too good to pass up. However, if you disagree with this logic and wouldn’t mind a news item when something is posted (if not every time then perhaps bi-weekly) then let me know in the comments.