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Bid for autographed statue and poster print in aid of American Red Cross

In order to raise money for the recent tragedy in Japan, gaming website 1up are auctioning off video game related items on eBay in aid of the American Red Cross. All money raised from the sale price will go directly to charity.

Of interest to you folks will be a Symbiote Studios statue signed by Dave Grossman, Mike Stemmle, Andy Hartzell and others, plus a Highway Surfing poster print signed by Steve Purcell. You can place your bid for these special items on eBay, although at the moment shipping is only to the U.S.

Be sure to place a bid if you’re able to, or check out their other items to see if anything else appeals.

Free Devil’s Playhouse for new Netflix subscribers

Those of you in the U.S. and Canada can now get The Devil’s Playhouse for free from now through to April 4 if you sign up to a one-month trial of the popular rental service Netflix.

The offer is for all five episodes of Sam & Max’s latest outing and can be redeemed through TrialPay. Presumably you can just cancel the Netflix trial before the month is up, so there doesn’t seem to be much to lose.

Sam & Max audio play

The folks over at Nightlight Productions, self-proclaimed “theatre restaurant of the mind”, have created a new audio play based around the Sam & Max series, apparently with the blessing from big man Steve Purcell.

In part one, Sam and Max receive a case from new character Sally-Rae Seymour. Hijinks, of course, ensue. The release schedule for the rest of the series is currently unknown, but be sure to check it out and give them feedback.

Thanks to Mojo for the heads up on the news.

New Devil’s Playhouse concept art

Ever the people’s champion, Jake Rodkin from Telltale Games has posted a whole bunch of Devil’s Playhouse concept up over on their forums, including the development of the Narrator’s appearance and a closer look at all the props used in the museum.

The concepts were drawn by artist Ryan Jones and were sadly excluded from the DVD. Do not fear though, as they will be archived over on the site’s season three page in high resolution quality for ever more.