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Telltale talk to Andrew Chaikin

Us Sam & Max fans will know Andrew Chaikin, who also goes by the name of Kid Beyond, as the voice of characters such as the Narrator and Papierwaite in The Devil’s Playhouse and Tycho in Poker Night. Alan Johnson, Telltale’s community manager, recently conducted a video interview with the multi-talented Mr. Chaikin to discuss his voice work.

Traveller’s Tales to develop LEGO Sam & Max game (April Fools)

April Fools!

Last night Telltale Games held a secret press-exclusive event in order to announce their new venture with Steve Purcell and Traveller’s Tales, the British game developer well known for their line of LEGO video games.

The game will be developed internally at Traveller’s Tales and will feature Sam & Max in LEGO form, following the tried and tested repetitive action gameplay format from their previous titles such as LEGO Indiana Jones and LEGO Batman.

Although not the usual solid adventure genre Sam & Max fans will be used to, for the first time ever in a LEGO game all the characters will be fully voiced, with writing being helmed by Telltale designer Sean Vanaman. David Nowlin and William Kasten will provide the dog and rabbity-thing’s voices.

Telltale CEO Dan Connors had the following to say:

For years we’ve been receiving support emails from confused consumers needing help with LEGO Star Wars. One lunch time it was jokingly discussed within the office if the world would implode should we team up with Traveller’s Tales. Well, I guess we’ll be finding out! With the blessing of Steve Purcell, we’re thrilled that his universe will continue to expand while we focus on our other more important projects such as The Walking Dead, Fables and King’s Quest.

The game will be a brand new experience for the duo with an all new cast of characters and locations to visit, but it was teased that fan favourite The Geek could be making a return. Controversially, in order to comply with LEGO standards, Sam & Max will no longer possess guns or swear, instead occasionally offering tips on how to recycle or to be grateful for what you have.

A trailer and some screenshots were promised to be appearing in a couple of months. The game, tentatively titled LEGO Sam & Max, is due for release in the first quarter of 2012.