April Fools!

Sam & Max are back! Perhaps not how you’d expect it, but the saying goes that something is better than nothing.

Steve Purcell has teamed up with Knowledge Adventure in what is rumoured to be a three year partnership.

Knowledge Adventure run Jump Start, a 3D virtual world for children to explore and learn in. Knowledge Adventure are one of the leading brands in edutainment and dog and rabbity-thing duo Sam & Max are soon to be landing in the exciting learning environment with a crash and bang.

Children will be invited to learn how a car works with the DeSoto, explore a daily working environment in The Office and find out about nature with Mack Salmon.

Brand new locations are to be created in 3D and players will be allowed to roam around and mingle with a whole host of exciting new characters. Apparently a power-crazed emperor and a flamboyant pig are just two of the exciting new personalities to be created exclusively for the game.

Due to licensing reasons, fan favourites like Bosco and The Soda Poppers will not be appearing in Jump Start as the rights lie with Telltale Games.

Steve Purcell had the following to say:

I’ve been looking to try and bring Sam & Max to a different audience for a long time. Knowledge Adventure approached me last year with the idea of bringing the pair into the Jump Start world.

I was, admittedly, hesitant at first, but after seeing some early concepts I can safely say that this will satisfy Sam & Max fans old and new.

I’m really excited for kids to be introduced to my creations and learn through them. When I was younger I always wanted education to be more exciting – Sam & Max are the perfect solution to that.

Knowledge Adventure have assured us Sam & Max’s strong personalities will still remain intact, despite being toned down for children. Although Sam will no longer brandish a gun, the pair’s irreverent humour will apparently stay.

The original voice actors of Sam & Max, Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson respectively, are set to return. It will be the first time they have voiced the pair in a released game since Hit the Road in 1993.

Sam & Max are set to appear in Jump Start this July. Screenshots and further information are expected in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes on the site for more.

Internal note: embargo ends April 3, do not publish beforehand