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Listen to Steve Purcell at the Cartoon Art Museum

The kind folks at the Cartoon Art Museum have provided us with the audio of Steve Purcell talking through his artwork at his Sam & Max exhibit.

The exhibit ran for many months in the San Francisco gallery and ended back in April. On the 1st of February, Steve gave a talk to those in attendance, offering stories behind the artwork and the process that went into them — at one point he even sings!

With special thanks to Mischa McLachlan at the CAM, the one hour audio goodness is available below for you to listen to. Sadly there are no visuals, but if you open up our gallery of the exhibit you might be able to figure out which artwork Steve is talking about.


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Interview with Bill Farmer

Bill Farmer was the voice of Sam in Hit the Road (along with many other characters) and I had the absolute pleasure of being able to talk to him. Bill is a genuine man who has a real love of his craft – and a killer memory!

We talked about how he got into voice acting, his role as the iconic Disney character Goofy, along with his involvement in the original Sam & Max video game.

I hope you enjoy reading! It’s the longest interview on the site, which is great – Bill is full of stories and is really interesting.

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