Listen to Steve Purcell at the Cartoon Art Museum

The kind folks at the Cartoon Art Museum have provided us with the audio of Steve Purcell talking through his artwork at his Sam & Max exhibit.

The exhibit ran for many months in the San Francisco gallery and ended back in April. On the 1st of February, Steve gave a talk to those in attendance, offering stories behind the artwork and the process that went into them — at one point he even sings!

With special thanks to Mischa McLachlan at the CAM, the one hour audio goodness is available below for you to listen to. Sadly there are no visuals, but if you open up our gallery of the exhibit you might be able to figure out which artwork Steve is talking about.


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Cartoon Art Museum host a Sam & Max scavenger hunt

camhunt_newsThe ever-awesome Cartoon Art Museum (in San Francisco) are hosting a ‘Freelance Detective Night’ at 5pm on the 17th of April.

It promises to be a “night of crime solving and sleuthing” plus a Sam & Max scavenger hunt. It all sounds pretty fun and while you’re there you can check out the current Steve Purcell art exhibition that is running.

Check out the official Facebook event for further details. Let us know if you plan to attend in the comments below.

Pictures from the Cartoon Art Museum

campics_newsThe Cartoon Art Museum have been hosting a Sam & Max event (‘Swift and Mirthful Justice: The Art of Steve Purcell’) since November. The exhibition will be closing in a couple of weeks, on the 20th April, so if you’re in the area then make sure you check it out soon.

For those of us unable to visit, I’ve put together this collection of pictures that have been taken at the event. If you have your own snap then please leave it in the comments below or through the contact form. I’ll update the gallery if any are submitted or if I come across some more.

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Cartoon Art Museum hosts Sam & Max celebration with Steve Purcell

The Cartoon Art Museum are hosting a special evening to celebrate Sam & Max’s stupendous existence.

The event will be on the 1st February 2014. From 4-5pm there will be a Surfin’ the Highway book signing with Steve Purcell, followed by a guided tour of the art with Mr. Purcell from 6-7pm (ticket cost $20) and ending with a reception from 7-9pm ($5).

If you’re in the area then it certainly seems an event worth attending. Tickets can be purchased from CAM’s site.

Surfin’ the Highway available for digital download

Those of you who haven’t read the Sam & Max comic collection Surfin’ the Highway are certainly missing out.

But have no fear! You can buy a digital copy of the comic for $14.99 from Comixology.

Alternatively, the paperback version is still available from Telltale for five dollars more.

Lost Sam & Max comic unearthed

If by ‘lost’ you mean in Steve Purcell’s drawer and if by ‘unearthed’ you mean removed from said position. Over on his blog Steve has posted a Sam & Max comic that he previously intended to use in an anthology, but he never got round to finishing it. Check it out here! The second to last panel is my favourite.

As a slight aside, I generally avoid reposting anything that Steve Purcell puts up on his Sam & Max blog as I figure that if you’re here then you’re also there, but this was too good to pass up. However, if you disagree with this logic and wouldn’t mind a news item when something is posted (if not every time then perhaps bi-weekly) then let me know in the comments.