Poker Night 2 unlock trailer

A new trailer has been put up by Telltale Games to show off the various unlockable items available in Poker Night 2.

As previously reported, players across all platforms will be able to get a Max mask for the Mechromancer in Borderlands 2. Additionally, players on PC/Mac will get Sam’s hat in Team Fortress 2, Xbox 360 will get a Sam costume for their avatar and PS3 will get a Sam/Claptrap and Sam/Portal crossover backgrounds (all amongst others, but these are the Sam & Max related goodies).

Watch the trailer embedded below and you’ll notice that Max is chilling in the background and Sam’s banjo makes an appearance. There are also unlockable decks, themes and felts based on Sam & Max’s 25th anniversary… plus, pause around the 1 minute mark to see Sam rocking a suit, bow-tie and top hat!

Poker Night 2 out 23 April on Steam, available to pre-order

Poker Night 2 is now up for pre-order on Steam. It will be released on the 23rd of April (that’s two weeks time!) and costs £3.99/$4.99.

Pre-ordering will also give you a copy of the first Poker Night game featuring Max. If you already have it then you can gift it to a friend.

LucasArts shuts down

LucasArts, the studio that put out the original Sam & Max game, Hit the Road, back in 1993 has closed its doors today.

Sam & Max haven’t had an association with LucasArts for a long time (Steve Purcell owns the rights), but it’s a shame to see them shut up shop. You’ll probably be aware that Disney acquired LucasFilm last year and they’ve decided to make LucasArts a licensing model to “minimise the company’s risk”.

Best of luck to the staff who lost their jobs.

Poker Night 2 officially announced

We’ve known it all along, but Poker Night 2 has now been officially announced by Telltale. Screenshots were leaked back at the end of March, disclosing the fact that Sam would be joining Brock Samson (Venture Bros), Claptrap (Borderlands) and Ash Williams (Army of Darkness) for some rounds of poker.

Telltale’s official site offers up some more info (keep your eyes out for Max wandering around!) as well as a trailer, embedded below. Some small screenshots show that everything from the surrounding environment, table, cards and the character’s clothes can be customized. Speaking of clothes, you might notice that Sam’s suit looks slightly different. This is apparently so that it looks closer to Steve Purcell’s original drawings. What do you reckon?

As in the previous Poker Night, playing the game will get you unlocks in Team Fortress 2 (if playing through Steam on PC/Mac) and also in Borderlands 2 (across all platforms). These include a Max mask for the Mechromancer in Borderlands 2 and Sam’s hat in TF2.

Poker Night 2 will be launching “soon” for PC, Mac, XBLA and PSN. Disappointingly, I might add, without multiplayer.

Sam & Max return in virtual edutainment world, Jump Start (April Fools)

April Fools!

Sam & Max are back! Perhaps not how you’d expect it, but the saying goes that something is better than nothing.

Steve Purcell has teamed up with Knowledge Adventure in what is rumoured to be a three year partnership.

Knowledge Adventure run Jump Start, a 3D virtual world for children to explore and learn in. Knowledge Adventure are one of the leading brands in edutainment and dog and rabbity-thing duo Sam & Max are soon to be landing in the exciting learning environment with a crash and bang.

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Poker Night 2 screenshots leaked

Three screenshots for the upcoming Poker Night at the Inventory 2 have been leaked. I’m not totally sure where these have leaked from (having discovered them reuploaded elsewhere), but it looks like they were originally on Microsoft’s Xbox servers under a database listing for the game.

Although the game has not been formally announced, it has been assumed that the current Key Party promotional website was leading up to it being unveiled.

As you can see from the screenshots below, the game is indeed another poker party. Our beloved Sam joins a cast of characters such as Claptrap (from the Borderlands games), Brock (from Adult Swim cartoon Venture Brothers) and GLaDOS (from the Portal games).

Keep your eyes on the site for further details like platform (although assume PC and Xbox for now, at least) and release date.

Sam’s DeSoto keys appear at Telltale’s party

Telltale recently advertised a website on their Twitter page: The Key Party. Originally just an empty bowl, the image has now been updated to feature Sam’s keys to the DeSoto.

The Key Party is assumed to the rumoured Poker Night follow-up, as reported previously. You’ll note that the left sidebar on the site is in the same graphical style as the Poker Night in-game menus.

Whether or not this will be another card game is yet to be seen. More guests are arriving daily, so keep your eyes on the site for any updates.

Poker Night 2 rumoured, may include Sam

Clever folk have checked out the files from a Team Fortress 2 update and found some juicy details. New items with the file name prefix “PN2″ were discovered.

Of these items, one of them is Sam’s hat. Perhaps we could see Sam take the shoes of his little buddy this time round? At the moment it seems likely. If Poker Night 2 is to be a reality, hopefully this version will have online support.

The original Poker Night was announced at PAX and this year’s is not long away. Stay tuned, because an announcement could be imminent.