Interview with Bay Area Sound

It’s rare that you can go into any game from a single developer knowing that certain elements are always going to have the same consistent high quality. In the case of Telltale Games, you can be sure that their audio – whether it be the music, voice or sound – is always going to be top notch. Providing this often overlooked feature is Bay Area Sound, an audio production company with over fifteen years of experience under their belt.

I had the pleasure to quiz Julian Kwasneski and Jared Emerson-Johnson from the company about their involvement in Sam & Max and their work as a whole. Read on for the goods.

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Interview with Nicki Rapp

When she’s not filling hostel guests with caffeine, Nicki Rapp grabs a microphone and becomes voice actress extraordinaire! Those of you who’ve played through the recent They Stole Max’s Brain! will known her voice for the role of the mighty and great Sammun-Mak. Telltale fans might also recognise her as Morgan le Flay from Tales of Monkey Island.

I was delighted to be able to interview the enthusiastic Nicki Rapp about her involvement in the series and her career in general. Give it a read and feel free to post your feedback for Nicki in the comments.

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Interview with Steve Purcell

You asked, he answered. Steve Purcell, the creator of Sam & Max, kindly gave up some of his time to answer the questions that you, the users, posed to him. Some of you ignored the one question rule, but I’ll left you off – you cheeky scamps!

Read on to see if your question was selected (usernames are in dark blue). Find out who Steve prefers to voice Sam & Max, the type of music he listens to and what he thinks of the Monkey Island 2: Special Edition front cover — and more!

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Interview with Tim Talbot

Harry Moleman has appeared in every season – including the upcoming Devil’s Playhouse – of Telltale’s Sam & Max games. He’s voiced by Tim Talbot, so it was only suitable that someone got round to interviewing this voice acting great.

I wouldn’t be as rude to suggest that Tim is a little crazy, but… well… form your own opinion and sound off in the comments below the article. Be kind though, or his ‘agent’ Reggie Van Temple-Smythe the IIIrd may be on to you.

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Interview with Brian Sommer

Brian Sommer does killer voice over. He’s played a lot of bad guys, and in the past has worked for companies such as Blizzard, Sega and UbiSoft. That’s all well and good, but we know Brian from his roles in Telltale’s games as Brady Culture (the villainous child star in Culture Shock) and Jurgen’s Monster (Night of the Raving Dead).

Does Brian have an afro? Who would he hypnotize? Why is he wearing fishnet stockings? All of these questions – and more – can be answered in our interview with the man himself. Read on and fill your brian with Brain. Wait…

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Ask Steve Purcell your question

The name Steve Purcell should ring a bell. As the award-winning creator of the Sam & Max series, Steve first brought the pair to life through his comics, later releasing them into the world of video games and television. It’s my very great pleasure that Steve has agreed to answer some of your questions in an interview for the site.

Leave your question in the comments below, and if it’s good enough then it’ll be asked to the man himself. It’s one per user, so make it count. Obviously make your questions appropriate, but be imaginative – do you really want to know what Steve’s favourite cereal is? Maybe you do, but there’s probably something more interesting you could ask.

Remember, you need an account on the site to comment, so go register here. It’s quick, easy and fast. The closing date for questions is Monday 15 March. Your question is not guaranteed to be answered.

Update: the questions have been answered here.

Interview with David Boyll

David Boyll: he’s Hugh Bliss, and he’s knows you’re hiding a cow. Voice of the evil Prismatology founder and Philo Pennyworth (also known as Mr. Featherly) in the Telltale episodes, David has been in voice acting since 2003. Before that he spent most of his time behind the microphone on television and video production.

But why hear it from me when you can get it from the horse’s – or chicken’s – mouth? Read on to find out how David prepares for a recording session, what the worst bit about his job is and whether or not he’s hiding a cow. Probably not.

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Interview with Peter Barto

Superball? Flint Paper? Peepers? All voiced by the same guy – Peter Barto. He’s been working as a voice actor for 15 years and has lent his voice to both seasons of Sam & Max, along with other games (the PA announcer in NBA 2K, for example – a true anti-Peepers voice), toys and cartoons.

Peter was generous enough to answer my questions about himself and how he became involved in the games. Read on to find out how the recording process works, what he thinks makes the series click and how his family react to his voice for Peepers.

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