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Win a copy of The Devil’s Playhouse with AMO

The fine folks over at Alternative Magazine Online have teamed with the equally fine folks at Lace Mamba Global (although as an aside, they really need to learn the proper use of a hashtag) to offer up three copies of The Devil’s Playhouse retail edition.

The competition question is an easy one, so if you’re a resident of the UK then get on over to AMO and submit your entry. It’s a great site too, so be sure to check out what else they have on offer while you’re there*.

* I haven’t been paid to say this, but my pockets are always open for you, AMO.

Devil’s Playhouse retail release out now

The retail copy of The Devil’s Playhouse is now out in the UK and available for purchase from Lace Mamba Global are the publisher and the edition comes with the game, a poster and five badges.

“Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, the Benelux countries, Portugal and further European markets” are expected to follow shortly if they’re not already out.

New Devil’s Playhouse concept art

Ever the people’s champion, Jake Rodkin from Telltale Games has posted a whole bunch of Devil’s Playhouse concept up over on their forums, including the development of the Narrator’s appearance and a closer look at all the props used in the museum.

The concepts were drawn by artist Ryan Jones and were sadly excluded from the DVD. Do not fear though, as they will be archived over on the site’s season three page in high resolution quality for ever more.

The Penal Zone price reduced on iPad

Telltale Games have reduced the price of The Penal Zone on the iPad to £1.79/$2.99 until February 10. The first episode of season three was first launched on Apple’s iPad platform on April 3 for £5.99/$9.99, so this is more than a 40% discount over the RRP.

However, the following four episodes were never to be seen on the iPad and there appears to be no imminent plans to rectify their absence, so you may be better off buying the package as a whole on PC, Mac or PSN.

Devil’s Playhouse collector’s DVD shipping soon

If you ordered The Devil’s Playhouse collector’s DVD back when it first came up for pre-ordering on Telltale’s site, you may be wondering where it’s got to. Well, the wait is now over! The DVDs have been sent to Telltale’s fulfilment centre and should be landing on your doormats starting next week (along with any other merchandise that was on hold with it!).

On their blog, Telltale showed off a preview of some of the outtakes you can expect to see on the DVD, along with trailers, audio commentaries and of course the five episodes themselves. You can see the preview clip embedded in the full post below.

Still no sign of the soundtrack…

The City That Dares Not Sleep release and new merchandise

The final episode is upon us, ready for you to download and consume like a maniac. For those who have already purchased the season, head over to Your Games page and click that shiny download button. If you’ve not yet invested in The Devil’s Playhouse, run to the Telltale Store and pick it up now for the limited price of $19.95.

Telltale also announced that the free season DVD can be ordered right here. On top of that, a five set of poster prints each based around an episode are purchasable here, with the ‘Finale’ art forming the cover for the DVD and available separately signed by Steve Purcell. Also, for $24.95, you can get the long, long, loooooong awaited Symbiote figurines from Symbiote Studios. Merchandise heaven!

The City That Dares Not Sleep screenshots

August 30, the release of The Devil’s Playhouse finale, is right around the corner and to whet your appetite Telltale have published five screenshots in what looks to be a conclusion high on the epic scale.

The pictures depict the mysterious Narrator peering over his newspaper, a rampant Max roaming through the streets, a flaming Max head floating around Sam and girl Stinky tapping away at some keys in the clone chamber. What could it all mean?

The City That Dares Not Sleep trailer, dated for August 30

You know the routine by now, so let’s keep things simple.

The City That Dares Not Sleep will be coming August 30th, then August 31st for the US PSN.

You can view a trailer for the game exclusively over at Gamespot, or embedded below.

A wallpaper of a newspaper detailing Max’s rampage is available here.

Go forth enlightened.