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ESRB reveals some The City That Dares Not Sleep details

The ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) have published their rating information for the upcoming The City That Dares Not Sleep episode. In the past the ESRB, who give out ratings based on the type of content within a game, revealed that The Devil’s Playhouse would be coming to the PlayStation Network.

This time it appears that some plot details have been given away. Through dialogue examples that the ESRB have provided, it hints towards what characters we might be seeing in this episode. If you are not sensitive to spoilers and want to read the summary then click here.

We have yet to have any official details come from Telltale, but their recent blog post promises next week to be “be filled with lots of Freelance Police centric content”. Stay tuned.

Go Beyond the Alley of the Dolls right now

The penultimate episode of the third Sam and Max season, Beyond the Alley of the Dolls, is available to download on Telltale’s site. The text here is just to fill space. Chances are you’re already downloading the game, eyes too full of glee to be reading this. You don’t care to know that the Sam clones are closing in on their hunt for toys. Why should you? You’ll be playing it in a bit.

Oh, so you can read our review here? Big deal. You’re playing the game at this point. No one is reading this. I could say whatever I want. How’s the weather over there? Good? Good.

Beyond the Alley of the Dolls trailer

GameTrailers have snagged an exclusive and are premièring the Beyond the Alley of the Dolls trailer. With all the Sam clones running loose, Sam and Max take shelter in Stinky’s Diner – but why did Gramps fire Sal and what’s with all those cloning pods?

As their embedding system sucks, check GameTrailers directly to see the trailer in all it’s glory. Only three more nights sleep until we go Beyond the Alley of the Dolls on July 20.

Beyond the Alley of the Dolls coming July 20

Beyond the Alley of the Dolls will be coming to PC, Mac and the US PSN on July 20, this coming Tuesday. EU PSN will follow a day later. We’re also told to expect a trailer for this upcoming clone-fest “very soon”.

To quote the marketing spiel, the fourth Devil’s Playhouse episode will contain “an onslaught of oversized canine clones akin to a zombie apocalypse” and “has our heroes running for cover in a barricaded ramshackle diner as the game kicks off. And it gets even stranger from there”. Exciting!

Beyond the Alley of the Dolls screenshots

Remember when we’d fully recovered Max’s brain and we thought everything was fine and dandy, but then that thing happened with all those things doing their things? Looks like those Sam clones (oh… damn) are back for the upcoming episode later this month.

Three screenshots for the fourth Devil’s Playhouse episode Beyond the Alley of the Dolls have been released by Telltale. Max and Grandpa Stinky are welcoming us to the gun show, while in the third a horde of Sam clones walk towards us wearing nothing but disco nappies.

They Stole Max’s Brain! up for download

The giant gorilla? The suspicious looking cockroach? The two bit rat? Just who has stolen Max’s brain? The wait is no more. The newest and third episode of The Devil’s Playhouse, They Stole Max’s Brain!, is up for download on Telltale’s site. The episode can be expected later today on the NA PSN and tomorrow for those in the EU territory. iPad? Yeah, still no mention of that. At this point, the episodes may never be released on it.

Click here if you want to read our review of the episode. That is, if you’re still reading this and not busy tracking down our lagomorph buddy’s brain.

They Stole Max’s Brain! trailer

Telltale have created a blog post to show off the five screenshots released previously as well as an unseen trailer for They Stole Max’s Brain!.

Sam is the focus here, smacking rats, moles and gorillas around as he tries to get the facts out of them and discover if they’re behind the brain theft. We also catch a glimp of Max’s psychic powers in action as he transforms into a blimp. Check the trailer out in the full post.

Five new screenshots for They Stole Max’s Brain!

With June 22 drawing ever closer, Telltale have released five new screenshots for the upcoming They Stole Max’s Brain!, the third episode of season three for PC, Mac and PSN.

Here we can see, among others, a jacketed rat, Max’s limp body in the DeSoto and another shot of noir Sam with guns-a-blazing. Check the screenshots below and hit up the comments with your thoughts.