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You can now follow us on that newfangled site that all the kids seem to be using these days: Facebook. Should you wish, head on over to our page and ‘like’ it. As soon as something goes up here it’ll go up there, straight into your news feed.

Of course, we still have our Twitter or just a good old fashioned RSS feed should you prefer, always available to find on the top right of the site, balancing nimbly on the menu bar.

Submit your fan art

You might not know it, but we have a whole section dedicated to showing off the brilliant fan art that the Sam & Max community create. The page is always open for submissions, and if you have something you’d like to show off then we’d love to put it up for you. If you want, you’ll get a link back to a page of your choosing (your deviantART, for example).

If you head to that page and scroll to the bottom there’s a nice form to fill in that allows you to submit any of your masterful creations – drawings, music, fan fiction… anything Sam & Max related! So far Glen Fernandez, Hayley the Hedgie and Rubygloommel have all sent some superb work, so a huge thanks to them for kick starting the gallery.

As the fan art page expands, I’m looking for a way to improve the structure of it. My hopes would be to allow users to personally upload their art automatically, have user galleries and a neater layout overall. If anyone knows of a successful way to go about implementing this, please go ahead and drop me a line. It’d be much appreciated.

With credit to Hayley the Hedgie for her art used in the news image.

Win The Devil’s Playhouse for PC/Mac

What do you mean you haven’t bought The Devil’s Playhouse yet? Don’t worry, that was rhetorical, you don’t need to give me your feeble excuse. Luckily for you, Sam & have come to the rescue. Or, at least, Telltale have, and they’ve been kind enough to offer TEN copies of Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse for PC/Mac to give away.

To be in with a chance of getting your grubby paws on one, you’ll need to answer three questions. They’re not exactly mind benders, but if you do get stuck then all the information you need is right here on this very website.

Read on to enter »

A round-up of tidbits

More happens round here than just interviews. While we are all patiently (or not) awaiting the announcement of season three, some small pieces of news have been dropping here and there. They’ve all been posted up over on our Twitter, but for those not paying attention, here’s what’s been going down.

» On February 22nd G4TV showed off season three’s logo and mentioned they’d have an exclusive interview with Telltale’s CEO Dan Connors. They also said that “big Telltale news is happening in a couple of days”. Still waiting on the video and the announcement.

» The ESRB, a video game rating board, put up their rating of The Penal Zone (episode one) and gave it E10+ along with revealing it would be coming to the PS3. There was a description which explained the reasoning behind this rating (as is standard by the ESRB), but it was later pulled at Telltale’s request.

» After a lengthy and close battle against Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People, Sam & Max won the Mac vote on Telltale’s site. This means that they will be the next game to be ported over to the Mac platform.

» And finally, there’s a new feature that has been added to the right hand sidebar of the site. Go look! It shows a random quote from Sam or Max every time you load a page. If you’ve got a quote you want to see, contact us and up it’ll go.

That’s all for now! With Telltale attending the Game Developers Conference from March 9-13, it can be expected that more Sam & Max news is on its way very soon. Keep your eyes here to be kept in the know.

Welcome to Sam &!

welcomeWelcome to Sam &, a brand new fansite for the lovable dog and rabbity-thing duo. We aim to bring you all the latest Sam & Max news, while also providing a wealth of great content that can be accessed from the menu up the top. Not only that, but we hope to bring you some great exclusive content — for now, check out our downloads page, or head on over to fan art to submit your stuff. We’ve got you covered, and much more.

Don’t forget to sign up for an account. This will allow you to post comments on any news story, select your screen name, as well as setting your own avatar for the site through Gravatar. I know, real ground-breaking stuff.

Take a browse and we hope you like what you see. We’re very hip, so you can subscribe to both our Twitter and RSS feeds if you wish. Everything is new and fresh, so please excuse any hiccups or jolts you might experience along the way. Any questions or thoughts? Drop us a line. Enjoy!