Some quick facts:

  • The site was founded and is run by Joe
  • The site was first launched to the public on 18 February, 2010

Is this a UK-specific fan site?

Definitely not! Dot com was taken, and this was the next best alternative. We may get a different domain name in the future, but this one will always bring you to the site.

What’s the point of your Twitter and Facebook pages?

Our Twitter and Facebook aren’t just an automatic update of what we post on the site. Small items not deemed worthy of a full news post will be tweeted or posted on Facebook. Please follow/like us from the sidebar to the right. Also, send us a tweet (@samandmaxUK) or leave a message on our Facebook page and we’ll respond!

Where can I buy the Sam & Max games and merchandise?

Hit the Road can be purchased in the UK here and in the US here. Telltale’s episodes and related merchandise can all be purchased here.

How do you choose what critics you feature on the game pages?

There’s no real formula or very strict guidelines. As long as the review is quality, reliable and offers a balanced opinion, it’ll be quoted on that page. There is a limit of three critic reviews per game.

Any other questions…?

Bung them in the contact form! If they’re frequently asked, they just might make this page.