Developer: Telltale Games
Voices: David Nowlin (Sam), David Boat (Max)
Engine: Telltale Tool
Platforms: Windows, Mac, PSN, XBLA, iOS
Release: 24 April 2013 (XBLA), 26 Apr (Steam), 30 Apr (PSN US), 1 May (PSN EU), 23 May (iOS)
Control: Mouse
Genre: Card game

Poker Night 2 is the unnecessary sequel to Poker Night at the Inventory! In the original game, you played poker with a bunch of weirdoes for fame and fortune Team Fortress 2 items and the satisfaction of beating the odds. Are you a poker wizard? You’ll love it. Can you barely count to 21 or remember what day it is? You’ll love it too because in Poker Night 2, even when you’re losing, you’re winning. And vice-versa.


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