There are a whole load of interesting people involved with the Sam & Max series. Without them, the comics, games and cartoon series just wouldn’t be the same. The site has been lucky enough to be able to interview some of these folk and get to know a bit more about them. The table below lists all the interviews published to date. By default, the most recent is at the top.

Date published
Rob Tinkler Voice actor – Max (animated series) 18th Jan 2014
Harvey Atkin Voice actor – Sam (animated series) 11th Nov 2013
Melissa Hutchison Voice actress – Girl Stinky (Telltale’s games) 17th June 2013
Dave Boat Voice actor – Max (Poker Night 2) 26th May 2013
Vegas Trip Voice actor – Chuckles, Sal (Telltale’s games) 5th Aug 2011
Bay Area Sound Audio production company (Telltale’s games) 18th Sep 2010
Nicki Rapp Voice actress – Sammun-Mak (Telltale’s games) 8th Jul 2010
Steve Purcell Creator of the Sam & Max series 28th Apr 2010
Tim Talbot Voice actor – Harry Moleman (Telltale’s games) 9th Apr 2010
Brian Sommer Voice actor – Brady Culture, Jurgen’s Monster (Telltale’s games) 16th Mar 2010
David Boyll Voice actor – Hugh Bliss, Mr. Featherly (Telltale’s games) 5th Mar 2010
Peter Barto Voice actor – Superball, Flint Paper, Peepers (Telltale’s games) 28th Feb 2010
Joey Camen Voice actor – Bosco, Two-Teeth (Telltale’s games) 21st Feb 2010