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They Stole Max’s Brain! up for download

The giant gorilla? The suspicious looking cockroach? The two bit rat? Just who has stolen Max’s brain? The wait is no more. The newest and third episode of The Devil’s Playhouse, They Stole Max’s Brain!, is up for download on Telltale’s site. The episode can be expected later today on the NA PSN and tomorrow for those in the EU territory. iPad? Yeah, still no mention of that. At this point, the episodes may never be released on it.

Click here if you want to read our review of the episode. That is, if you’re still reading this and not busy tracking down our lagomorph buddy’s brain.

303: They Stole Max’s Brain! Review

It’s time to find out just where Max’s brain has gone. After the gripping cliff hanger we were handed, They Stole Max’s Brain! picks right where we left off – and Sam isn’t a happy dog.

Is the episode any good? Click the link below to read our full review of the third episode in The Devil’s Playhouse.

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They Stole Max’s Brain! trailer

Telltale have created a blog post to show off the five screenshots released previously as well as an unseen trailer for They Stole Max’s Brain!.

Sam is the focus here, smacking rats, moles and gorillas around as he tries to get the facts out of them and discover if they’re behind the brain theft. We also catch a glimp of Max’s psychic powers in action as he transforms into a blimp. Check the trailer out in the full post.

Five new screenshots for They Stole Max’s Brain!

With June 22 drawing ever closer, Telltale have released five new screenshots for the upcoming They Stole Max’s Brain!, the third episode of season three for PC, Mac and PSN.

Here we can see, among others, a jacketed rat, Max’s limp body in the DeSoto and another shot of noir Sam with guns-a-blazing. Check the screenshots below and hit up the comments with your thoughts.

They Stole Max’s Brain! release date and screenshots

We’ve recently been teased with a screenshot from the upcoming season three episode They Stole Max’s Brain! with noir Sam looking angry. Now Telltale have released three more screenshots… of a similar nature. Sleeves rolled, shirt unbuttoned and gun pointing is Sam’s agenda as he is “poised to beat the information from the unsuspecting supporting cast milling around the streets of New York City”.

As told by Telltale’s blog, you’ll be able to take control of this mad dog for PC, Mac and PSN on June 22. That’s less than two weeks away, folks. Just who stole Max’s brain…?

They Stole Max’s Brain! screenshot and PSN discount

The singularity of ‘screenshot’ is very much intended. Only one snap from the upcoming Telltale episode They Stole Max’s Brain has been released, although it can be presumed that we’ll be seeing some more soon. For now, take a look at Sam getting vicious with a long-nose and hatted fellow. Check it out here and let the speculation commence!

In other Devil’s Toybox news, users of the North American PSN will be treated to a $10 discount on the season from June 8 (today!) through to June 29, totalling just $24.99 for all five episodes. No details on such a discount for PlayStation Europe exist as of yet.