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Season two coming to the iPad

The details are a bit scarce at the moment, but according to a report from Gamespot’s GDC Europe coverage, Telltale Games are bringing season two (Beyond Time and Space) to Apple’s iPad platform, localised for different regions of the world. Telltale claim the iPad is the fastest-growing gaming device on the market. It’s worth noting that only the first episode of season three was released on the tablet device, though.

Of course, those looking for dog and rabbit fun without having to remortgage their house can find it at Telltale’s site for $29.99 on the PC. Just saying.

The Unweekly Roundup

At time of writing, it’s fifteen days until The Penal Zone will be smashing into your PC, Mac and PlayStation. Excited? Voice your opinion in the poll to the right. But quit looking into the future, we’re here to look back and see what happened in the past.

» Telltale hosted an invite-only event at GDC to celebrate the announcement of their new Sam & Max season. But for those not so lucky, Gametrailers has come to the rescue and published a video showing off some… best bits?

» Don’t want a free DVD with your games on at the end of the season? Don’t want to choose what free Telltale episode you want? Don’t panic, because you can now pre-order The Devil’s Playhouse on Steam for £24.99 (with Night of the Raving Dead free).

» Chuck Jordan, designer and writer for the new season, appeared on Gamespot’s video show Today on the Spot to talk through some of the introduction of the game. There’s no new content if you’ve been keeping track of everything else, but it’s an interesting watch nonetheless.

The Devil’s Playhouse launching April 15

The following link and article contains minor plot spoilers. Look away if you’re overly sensitive.

IGN have posted up an article on their site with a first look at the new season of Sam & Max from the GDC 2010 show floor. The series will be simultaneously launching for the PC, Mac and PS3 on April 15. According to the article, the episode opens with Sam & Max being held captive by General Skunkap and having to make use of a disembodied alien brain to escape. We will be guided through the story by a Rod Serling-style narrator who will appear now and again to intersperse narration. There’s less emphasis on inventory use this time round, and instead “Max now has psychic powers like telepathy and the ability to transform into inanimate objects”. The article also mentions Sam having a notebook which contains references about returning characters and mission objectives, presumably for players who are new to the franchise.

With five episodes in total, the season will be sold at $29.99 for the full set, with PlayStation 3 owners being able to pre-order from the console’s download service. If you order through the Telltale site for PC and Mac, you’ll gain access to an exclusive board on the forums to chat with developers. Keep your eyes on the site, more details can be expected in the very near future.

A round-up of tidbits

More happens round here than just interviews. While we are all patiently (or not) awaiting the announcement of season three, some small pieces of news have been dropping here and there. They’ve all been posted up over on our Twitter, but for those not paying attention, here’s what’s been going down.

» On February 22nd G4TV showed off season three’s logo and mentioned they’d have an exclusive interview with Telltale’s CEO Dan Connors. They also said that “big Telltale news is happening in a couple of days”. Still waiting on the video and the announcement.

» The ESRB, a video game rating board, put up their rating of The Penal Zone (episode one) and gave it E10+ along with revealing it would be coming to the PS3. There was a description which explained the reasoning behind this rating (as is standard by the ESRB), but it was later pulled at Telltale’s request.

» After a lengthy and close battle against Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People, Sam & Max won the Mac vote on Telltale’s site. This means that they will be the next game to be ported over to the Mac platform.

» And finally, there’s a new feature that has been added to the right hand sidebar of the site. Go look! It shows a random quote from Sam or Max every time you load a page. If you’ve got a quote you want to see, contact us and up it’ll go.

That’s all for now! With Telltale attending the Game Developers Conference from March 9-13, it can be expected that more Sam & Max news is on its way very soon. Keep your eyes here to be kept in the know.