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Beyond Time and Space available for Mac

Way back in February it was voted by the Telltale public that Sam and Max would be their second franchise, after Tales of Monkey Island, to be ported over to the Mac platform.

All five episodes of season two are now available to download from Telltale’s site. It’s free if you own the PC version already, so you can get right on to downloading from your games page. If you’re a new customer it’ll cost you $29.95 (for both PC and Mac) from the store. You can save 50% on that price if you pick up Telltale’s new ‘Puzzle Agent‘ game in the same order.

Phew! Oh, a congratulations also goes out to Tibault Damman. His name was randomly drawn from the poll voters, giving him the honour of having his name in the credits of the Mac version.

A round-up of tidbits

More happens round here than just interviews. While we are all patiently (or not) awaiting the announcement of season three, some small pieces of news have been dropping here and there. They’ve all been posted up over on our Twitter, but for those not paying attention, here’s what’s been going down.

» On February 22nd G4TV showed off season three’s logo and mentioned they’d have an exclusive interview with Telltale’s CEO Dan Connors. They also said that “big Telltale news is happening in a couple of days”. Still waiting on the video and the announcement.

» The ESRB, a video game rating board, put up their rating of The Penal Zone (episode one) and gave it E10+ along with revealing it would be coming to the PS3. There was a description which explained the reasoning behind this rating (as is standard by the ESRB), but it was later pulled at Telltale’s request.

» After a lengthy and close battle against Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People, Sam & Max won the Mac vote on Telltale’s site. This means that they will be the next game to be ported over to the Mac platform.

» And finally, there’s a new feature that has been added to the right hand sidebar of the site. Go look! It shows a random quote from Sam or Max every time you load a page. If you’ve got a quote you want to see, contact us and up it’ll go.

That’s all for now! With Telltale attending the Game Developers Conference from March 9-13, it can be expected that more Sam & Max news is on its way very soon. Keep your eyes here to be kept in the know.

Vote Sam & Max for Mac

Telltale pulled a surprise announcement recently by revealing they are releasing most of their back catalogue of games on the Mac, a computer for people who despise spreadsheets and love polo necks. Tales of Monkey Island was the first series to be Mac-ed, and is available free to those who already purchased the PC version.

To decide which of their series they bring to the Apple platform next, Telltale are inviting you to vote over on their official page. The games up for voting are Sam & Max, Strong Bad and Wallace & Gromit, with the winner announced on February 21. As well as this, one lucky voter will get their name in the chosen Mac title credits.

So get out there and vote! Print some posters! Rally your friends!