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The City That Dares Not Sleep release and new merchandise

The final episode is upon us, ready for you to download and consume like a maniac. For those who have already purchased the season, head over to Your Games page and click that shiny download button. If you’ve not yet invested in The Devil’s Playhouse, run to the Telltale Store and pick it up now for the limited price of $19.95.

Telltale also announced that the free season DVD can be ordered right here. On top of that, a five set of poster prints each based around an episode are purchasable here, with the ‘Finale’ art forming the cover for the DVD and available separately signed by Steve Purcell. Also, for $24.95, you can get the long, long, loooooong awaited Symbiote figurines from Symbiote Studios. Merchandise heaven!

New shirt and sales in the Telltale store

To celebrate the San Diego Comic-Con taking place this week, Telltale have created a special section in their store to offer discounts on certain items; of note are all the Sam and Max seasons and the paperback version of Surfin’ the Highway. Everything has two dollar signs so you know it’s a bargain.

There is also a brand new shirt, “featuring your favorite dog and lagomorph crimefighting team during their salad days”, for the sale price of $15.16. Members of the cotton fanclub can also be satisfied with the 100% dominance they hold in the shirt’s materials.

What do you think of the new shirt? I’d personally like to see Telltale try something a bit more abstract with their designs – something that a non-Sam and Max fan could appreciate while at the same time allowing us obsessives to pick up on the reference to the series.

New merchandise from Telltale

Have you ever wanted to glug down a liquid of your choice in a shot glass with Max’s flaming face on, wear Max Imp printed on a shirt or pin five Devil Playhouse buttons on your clothes or bag? Of course you have.

Telltale have come to your aid. These three new pieces of merchandise – a shot glass, shirt and button set – are purchasable from their store, totalling $37.85 if you decide to splash out and buy them all. Will you be adding these to your Sam & Max collection?