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Poker Night 2 screenshots leaked

Three screenshots for the upcoming Poker Night at the Inventory 2 have been leaked. I’m not totally sure where these have leaked from (having discovered them reuploaded elsewhere), but it looks like they were originally on Microsoft’s Xbox servers under a database listing for the game.

Although the game has not been formally announced, it has been assumed that the current Key Party promotional website was leading up to it being unveiled.

As you can see from the screenshots below, the game is indeed another poker party. Our beloved Sam joins a cast of characters such as Claptrap (from the Borderlands games), Brock (from Adult Swim cartoon Venture Brothers) and GLaDOS (from the Portal games).

Keep your eyes on the site for further details like platform (although assume PC and Xbox for now, at least) and release date.

Sam’s DeSoto keys appear at Telltale’s party

Telltale recently advertised a website on their Twitter page: The Key Party. Originally just an empty bowl, the image has now been updated to feature Sam’s keys to the DeSoto.

The Key Party is assumed to the rumoured Poker Night follow-up, as reported previously. You’ll note that the left sidebar on the site is in the same graphical style as the Poker Night in-game menus.

Whether or not this will be another card game is yet to be seen. More guests are arriving daily, so keep your eyes on the site for any updates.

Poker Night 2 rumoured, may include Sam

Clever folk have checked out the files from a Team Fortress 2 update and found some juicy details. New items with the file name prefix “PN2″ were discovered.

Of these items, one of them is Sam’s hat. Perhaps we could see Sam take the shoes of his little buddy this time round? At the moment it seems likely. If Poker Night 2 is to be a reality, hopefully this version will have online support.

The original Poker Night was announced at PAX and this year’s is not long away. Stay tuned, because an announcement could be imminent.

Poker Night at the Inventory out now

Craving some card action? Look no further, as Telltale’s latest release Poker Night at the Inventory is now available for download on Steam (and expected on Telltale’s site soon).

If you don’t already have this game featuring Max, Tycho, Strong Bad and the Heavy then you can pick it up for the bargain price of of $4.95/£3.25 through the above mentioned outlets.

For those of you who have the game, what do you think of it? Is the gameplay fun? Do the characters have good interactions? Sound off in the comments below.

Poker Night due November 22

Not much to report on here, except that Poker Night at the Inventory will be released on November 22. That’s right, it’s coming on Monday and you’ll be able to play poker with Max, Strong Bad, The Heavy and Tycho.

Are you excited to be able to lay down some cards with these characters? Not bothered at all? Indifferent? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Wealth of new Poker Night media

As reported back at the beginning of September, Telltale are producing a poker game featuring Max, Strong Bad, Tycho and the Heavy. Telltale have upped the ante with the release of a whole host of new media for your consumption.

Firstly is Poker Night‘s tie-in with Team Fortress 2. When pre-ordering the game through Telltale or Steam, you’ll receive a poker visor for the Heavy to wear in TF2. Also, winning “special item rounds” in Poker Night will unlock further loot in Valve’s stylised shooter. These are Max’s Lugermorph handgun and Freelance Police badge, Tycho’s Enthusiast timepiece, Strong Bad’s Dangeresque shades and the Heavy’s Iron Curtain gun.

A trailer was also put out, highlighting the four different characters on show and their respective voice actors; Andrew Chaikin (Max in Culture Shock) in the case of Tycho, who has never been voiced in previous video game appearances. You can see that below in the full post.

That’s a wrap! Head over to the official Poker Night website for all the information you’d ever need and grab the game, due to be released this month, for a smooth $4.95.

Telltale’s poker game featuring Max unveiled

After teasing us with a trailer, Telltale have lifted the lid on their mysterious crossover game featuring Max, TF2’s Heavy, Strong Bad and Tycho from Penny Arcade. The game, titled Poker Night at the Inventory, sees these unlikely characters come together for a “new style of poker”.

You can pre-order at Telltale’s Store for $4.95, with a special 25% off anything else in your cart when you do so. Check out some of the key poster art and screenshots below. The game is slated for a Fall 2010 release.

Max to appear in a new Telltale crossover game

GameTrailers have had the exclusive reveal of a new title from Telltale Games in the form of this teaser trailer (embedded below in the full post). In it we can see the silhouettes of Max, Strong Bad (Homestar Runner), Tycho (Penny Arcade) and the Heavy (Team Fortress 2), the latter two appearing to be holding some cards.

It could be assumed that this is a sequel to Telltale’s very first game Telltale Texas Hold’em. The end of the trailer says we’ll find out more come September 2.