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Listen to Steve Purcell at the Cartoon Art Museum

The kind folks at the Cartoon Art Museum have provided us with the audio of Steve Purcell talking through his artwork at his Sam & Max exhibit.

The exhibit ran for many months in the San Francisco gallery and ended back in April. On the 1st of February, Steve gave a talk to those in attendance, offering stories behind the artwork and the process that went into them — at one point he even sings!

With special thanks to Mischa McLachlan at the CAM, the one hour audio goodness is available below for you to listen to. Sadly there are no visuals, but if you open up our gallery of the exhibit you might be able to figure out which artwork Steve is talking about.


Read on for the audio»

Steve Purcell directing new Toy Story short film

Okay, so while this isn’t strictly Sam & Max news, it can’t help to expand the news reporting a bit…

It has been announced today that Pixar are producing another Toy Story short film called Toy Story That Time Forgot. The special will air on ABC in America.

The Sam & Max link? The short will be directed by none other than Steve Purcell! Having previously co-directed Brave, it’ll be great to see how Steve tackles this.

Here’s the official synopsis:

quotelongDuring a post-Christmas play date, the ‘Toy Story’ gang find themselves in uncharted territory when the coolest set of action figures ever turn out to be dangerously delusional. It’s all up to Trixie, the triceratops, if the gang hopes to return to Bonnie’s room.

All of the original voice cast are set to return, plus a new role from Kevin McKidd (who was Lord MacGuffin in Brave).

A release date is currently unknown, but we’ll report on it when announced.

Cartoon Art Museum hosts Sam & Max celebration with Steve Purcell

The Cartoon Art Museum are hosting a special evening to celebrate Sam & Max’s stupendous existence.

The event will be on the 1st February 2014. From 4-5pm there will be a Surfin’ the Highway book signing with Steve Purcell, followed by a guided tour of the art with Mr. Purcell from 6-7pm (ticket cost $20) and ending with a reception from 7-9pm ($5).

If you’re in the area then it certainly seems an event worth attending. Tickets can be purchased from CAM’s site.

Thunder Chunky interview Steve Purcell

Three posts in a row with Steve Purcell’s face on them! This time it is for an interview that Thunder Chunky did with the Sam & Max creator.

If a website with such an awesome name like Thunder Chunky doesn’t want to make you check the interview out, then know that they talk about everything from Sam & Max to Monkey Island to Brave.

Go forth and enjoy that chunky thunder.

Video of Steve Purcell talking at E3 2012

As previously promised, Pixar have put up a video of Steve Purcell, the co-director of their upcoming flick Brave, answering questions posed to him by the interviewer and Twitter users.

The video is embedded below and is worth a watch for those wanting to learn more about Steve’s experiences making the film and the official video game.

Steve Purcell at E3 2012, answering your questions via video

Steve Purcell is currently present at this year’s Electronic Expo, the biggest gaming convention. Pixar’s official Twitter sent out the following tweet, asking you to send in your questions to him using the hashtag ‘BraveE3′. A lucky selection will be answered via video response later this week, apparently.

It’s also worth noting that Steve Purcell has been officially confirmed as the co-director on Pixar’s upcoming flick Brave, having previously done some work on Cars and Ratatouille.

We’ll update you when Steve’s video responses are posted.

Video of Steve Purcell at Comic-Con 2011

This past Sunday saw Steve Purcell attend Comic-Con 2011, as he does every year. Telltale have been putting up daily video highlights and embedded below is ‘day five‘, showing Steve signing and chatting (along with Jake Rodkin being creepy, but let’s pretend that never happened).

Steve Purcell attending Comic-Con 2011

The 2011 San Diego Comic Con is about to enter full swing. If you’re lucky enough to be attending, then you’ll want to visit Telltale Games’ booth (#5337) on the 24th Sunday from 11:00am – 1:00pm as Steve Purcell will be in attendance.

If you do attend then be sure to leave a comment below to share your experience. If not, check out Telltale’s blog daily as they’ll be posting video updates of their time on the show floor.