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Steve Purcell launches new Sam & Max blog

As promised, Steve Purcell has launched a brand new blog to focus entirely on our favourite dog and rabbit duo. Steve still has his regular blog where he’ll continue to post more general artwork.

The Sam & Max blog currently has two posts, one explaining the history behind a mysterious foreshadowing ancient carving and the other showing off a cute soft doll of Max created by artist Anna Chambers. Go check it out!

Steve Purcell’s Sam & Max blog dated for October 31

Not that you need it regurgitated, as you are of course subscribed to Steve Purcell’s blog, but just a heads up for those forgetful among you that Steve’s separate Sam & Max blog (as reported back in July) now has a release date of the 31st October.

To tide us over until then, he posted a sketch he did for the animated series which you can see here. Steve says he “would pitch in on characters and locations whenever possible. Usually quick pencil sketches with some ball point pen and a bit of tone”.

Happy Birthday Steve Purcell!

Did someone say birthday?

Today is the birthday of none other than Steve Purcell, creator of Sam & Max and all round artist extraordinaire. I’m not sure how old he is, but judging by recent photos I’d place him at around 25. Join us in wishing Steve a very happy birthday, and here’s to many more!

Thanks to user Icedhope over on the Telltale forums for the tip off.

Steve Purcell to launch a Sam and Max-specific blog

You’ll probably be aware that Steve Purcell, creator of Sam and Max, runs his own blog which he updates with art – anything from oil paintings to pencilled drawings. In his latest update, Steve has said that he plans to launch a blog specific to Sam and Max.

Although he’s still working on the format, we’ll let you know as soon as it launches so you can check out the latest dog and rabitty-thing goodness. Should you forget it, remember that the link to Steve’s all round blog Spudvision can be accessed on the external links panel on the right-hand sidebar.

Interview with Steve Purcell

You asked, he answered. Steve Purcell, the creator of Sam & Max, kindly gave up some of his time to answer the questions that you, the users, posed to him. Some of you ignored the one question rule, but I’ll left you off – you cheeky scamps!

Read on to see if your question was selected (usernames are in dark blue). Find out who Steve prefers to voice Sam & Max, the type of music he listens to and what he thinks of the Monkey Island 2: Special Edition front cover — and more!

Read on ยป

The Penal Zone gameplay, concepts and wallpapers

The media train is in full force for The Devil’s Playhouse, with gameplay footage appearing on Gamespot. The four videos all show gameplay footage from the beginning of the game, one with an interview with Telltale’s Will Armstrong on top. Over on Giant Bomb, they have posted a “Quick Look EX” a thirty minute walkthrough of the game’s opening (an early build) by Armstrong and Chuck Jordan. If you haven’t realised, there’ll be spoilers.

Along with the screenshots previously released, there are also four new pieces of concept art show characters Sal and Papierwaite, and a museum and lab location. These, along with the trailer, can be viewed on our page for The Devil’s Playhouse.

With all this new media out there, it’s a perfect opportunity to kit out your computer with some great wallpapers. So head over to our downloads page to bring your desktop to life with high resolution backgrounds.

Finally, the A.V. Club conducted an interview with Steve Purcell to talk games. Speaking of interviews, we’ve got one coming up with Steve too. Go here to ask your question to him – closing this Monday.

Ask Steve Purcell your question

The name Steve Purcell should ring a bell. As the award-winning creator of the Sam & Max series, Steve first brought the pair to life through his comics, later releasing them into the world of video games and television. It’s my very great pleasure that Steve has agreed to answer some of your questions in an interview for the site.

Leave your question in the comments below, and if it’s good enough then it’ll be asked to the man himself. It’s one per user, so make it count. Obviously make your questions appropriate, but be imaginative – do you really want to know what Steve’s favourite cereal is? Maybe you do, but there’s probably something more interesting you could ask.

Remember, you need an account on the site to comment, so go register here. It’s quick, easy and fast. The closing date for questions is Monday 15 March. Your question is not guaranteed to be answered.

Update: the questions have been answered here.