known as The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police
Format: Animated cartoon
Production company: Nelvana Limited
Producer: Jocelyn Hamilton
Director: Steve Whitehouse
Executive producers: Patrick Loubert, Michael Hirsh, Clive A. Smith, Robert Ross, Gwenn Saunders Eckel
Voices: Harvey Atkin (Sam), Robert Tinkler (Max), Tracey Moore (The Geek)
Running time: 10-12 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 24
Original channel: Fox Kids (USA), YTV (Canada)
Original run: October 4, 1997 – April 25, 1998

The adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police!!! is an edgy and often irreverent, impudent, insolent, impious and silly series about a pair of likeable law enforcement types who don’t take crap (oops! we mean guff) from anybody. It’s about the timeless struggle between good, evil and snacktime; the weekly mishaps of a six-foot dog – Sam – and a three-foot rabbity-thing (though he prefers the term lagomorph) – Max – who have a mirthful time trying to resolve only the weirdest cases of the day. Really.


A six-foot dog who wears a hat and gray baggy suit, Sam’s excitable, enthusiastic, and, like any dog, loves going for a ride in the car. Sam is the motivating force of the Freelance Police and is the one most charged up about being a cop. It’s his slightly foggy sense of justice that gets things going. The thing that keeps Sam from taking his job too seriously is having Max around.

A hyperkinetic 3-foot rabbity thing, Max’s world exists only to provide him with input for his pinball-like stream of consciousness. He’s uninhibites and unhinged. Max’s unflappable spirit makes him game for just about anything.

The Geek
We find the teenage brainiac known as “The Geek” in Sam & Max’s Sub-Basement of Solitude. She is an accomplished engineer, computer dynamo, and Sam & Max’s main information source concerning scientific and technical issues. They will utilize her inventions as long as they’re convenient or entertaining, but they’ll be readily tossed out as soon as their novelty wears off. For Sam & Max, technology is a mild diversion. To keep them interested, it had better be fun!

The Commissioner
The Commissioner is Sam & Max’s only real contact with city government. Sam & Max have never laid eyes on this guy, but they kind of enjoy the mysterious quality of his phone calls, which are brief and cryptic.

Harvey AtkinThe Geek

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Concept Art

Shout! Factory, a company specialising in producing DVDs, released the complete Freelance Police 3-disc region-free set on March 11, 2008.

The case features original art by Steve Purcell, and bonus content on the discs includes three ‘educational’ shorts, an interview with Purcell and the Telltale team, concept art, a PDF of the series bible, Our Bewildering Universe flash movie, a demo of Ice Station Santa and a sticker of the logo.


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